Yeah, there are times when your dog is really sick or injured.  Of course that’s when a trip to the vet is absolutely necessary.  But most of the time, you can avoid high cost veterinary visits with dietary supplements scientifically designed to improve energy, give your dog a shinier and healthier coat, treat your pet’s allergies, and more. And dietary supplements are great for treating mobility issues due to joint pain, arthritis, digestion, bad breath, and other ailments too.  At Love’s Pets on Kanan in Agoura Hills, we know what works and what doesn’t.  Tell us about your pet and we’ll guide you to the right products.

No Dog Likes Going To The Doctor.

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Forza10 activeline specialty dog food for digestion.
Forza10 activeline specialty dog food for skin and coat.

Dietary Specialty Foods

Fish Oil Supplements

Fish oil supplements for pets.
ActivePhy joint supplement
Liquid Health K9 Glucosamin for Dogs.
Liquid Health K9Level500 Glucosamin for Dogs.

Joint Support